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Silk Victorian Peacock Coat

An Iridescent Delight of Peacock Hues in a Flattering Victorian Silhouette

Be the envy of your friends (and enemies) when you show off your tail feathers in this fantastical coat. Styled after a Victorian coat-dress, with a dash of redingote, and boasting bold colouring and shimmering details you won’t go un-noticed in any setting.

The cut of the coat is fitted around the bust and waist with a lot of flare in the skirt section. Pin-tucks sewn in alternating purple & gold metallic thread on the lower part of the sleeve create a gentle leg of mutton silhouette. The main body of the coat is pure dupioni silk. The blue insets are of crushed taffeta and the waist section also features metallic stitched pin-tucks.

Contrasting pocket flaps cover inset pockets on each hip. The shoulder insets, collar and pocket flaps are edged with genuine brass rivets with an antiqued finish. The collar rises high up the back neck, skimming the ears before coming down to a slightly lowered neck opening.

The front of the coat closes with 9 pressed metal buttons in an antiqued brass finish and featuring a pattern of five hearts. If you close all the buttons the coat can easily be worn more as a dress than as an over-garment.

The back inset pleats of the skirt section feature overlays of an incredibly shimmery knit fabric that really comes alive when you move and creates flashes of colour as you walk. This same fabric was used in strips to create a ribbon embroidery pattern up the centre back of the coat.

The lining of the coat is a very soft, delicate cotton blend lamé which feels super smooth against your skin.


Outer Fabric: Main - 100% Dupioni silk in emerald green. Please note that dupioni is an inherently rustic finish and variations in the weave are what defines it. Collar, Waist & Shoulder Insets – 100% Nylon crushed taffeta in peacock blue. Pleat insets - 100% Nylon crushed taffeta in peacock blue with iridescent, shot, synthetic knit overlays in purple, green and gold. Pocket flaps – 100% cotton velvet with burnout fleur-de-lis pattern in blue.

Lining (fully lined): Main – Cotton & synthetic blend lamé in golden-green. Pleat insets – 100% Nylon crushed taffeta in a metallic golden/bronze/brassy hue.


The coat has finished measurements of 98cm around the bust and 74.5cm at the waist. It flares out quite a bit from below the fitted blue waist section, so if those measurements are close you should be fine. However if you’d like some idea, the measurement at the high hip (about 20cm below the waist) is approximately 120cm.

Washing / Garment care

Please note that this is not the type of garment you will be able to just throw in the washing machine. I would strongly recommend specialist cleaning if it is to last.