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Sherlock Coat

By Cumberbatch! Now you too can dress as the world’s greatest detective, sleuthing the streets in TV’s greatest coat!

This coat was requested as a replica of the famous Belstaff coat worn by Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC show Sherlock.

Obviously I did not have access to the exact same fabric, and instead of worrying about trying to find a perfect match, we decided to go for something that created a similar look and felt good to wear. And with the lining we decided to just go off the reservation completely by using a beautiful fleur-de-lis patterned jacquard that added an extra element of baroque style to the coat.

Other than that, I have tried to recreate the design details as faithfully as possible. I spent a lot of time looking at screenshots from the show, as well as photographs of the Belstaff coat to get the pattern right. There’s the tall, stand-up collar to be mysterious behind, the red hand-stitched buttonholes, the hand warmer pockets and the big box pleat at the back so you can swoop dramatically down the street (or balance precariously on the edge of tall buildings).


Outer Fabric: Cotton & acrylic blend, plain weave in a melange of greys with black stripes.

Lining (fully lined): Cotton & synthetic blend fleur-de-lis patterned jacquard in grey and gold.


This coat was custom sized for the client. If you have any questions at all about sizing please feel free to ask!

Washing / Garment care

I am not a specialist when it comes to washing clothes, so I would strongly recommend speaking to a cleaning professional for best results. I will provide as much information about the materials as I can to help in this regard. In general though, I can say that this is not the type of garment you will be able to just throw in the washing machine/drier!