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Purple Tartan Studded Punk Pam Dress

A Studded Figure-hugging Dress

I always think of this as my “Pam from True Blood dress”, it might not be quite tough enough for her but the spirit is there!

This knee-length dress opens down the centre front with a black nylon zipper which extends from the V-neck all the way down to the hem. The collar consists of two parts, the under layer is matching tartan and meets at the centre front with a small hook & eye. Riveted to that is a slightly thinner contrasting black collar that buckles up left of centre and passes through two D-rings.

The body of the dress, from under the bust to the hips, consists of multiple vertical panels to create a fitted waist. These seams are finished with a decorative black and silver ribbon. Other panel seams are top-stitched with metallic silver thread, matching the silver Lurex threads in the tartan.

The sleeves and shoulder panels are made of a re-enforced contrasting fabric and contain approximately 250 silver rivets in a chevron pattern. This results in a very structured shoulder line and, while not too heavy, does create a sort of armoured feeling which is rather warrior-princess - for lack of a better term!

The back of the dress features a long panel of satin ribbon lacing. While this is mostly decorative (this is no corset), it can be used to make small adjustments to the shape and fit of the dress. From the waist, the centre back panel flares out quite a bit to the hem, creating a nice swishy effect when you walk. It also means that although the dress looks fitted to the knee when seen from the front, your movement is not restricted when walking.


Outer Fabric - Main: Acrylic-blend twill in purple, black and grey tartan pattern with metallic silver highlights. Sleeves & Shoulders: 70%/30% poly-cotton in black.

Lining (fully lined): 100% cheese-cloth cotton in purple. It is very soft on the skin.


This dress is designed with a very classic hour-glass shape; the finished measurements are 104cm around the bust and 72cm around the waist. Some light adjustments can be made across the back chest by using the centre back lacing and there is some leeway around the hips due to the flare in the centre back panel. The measurement from the waist to the hem at the centre front is 59.5cm. I am 167cm tall and it falls just on my knee.

Washing / Garment care

Please note that this is not the type of garment you will be able to just throw in the washing machine. If you really needed to wash it like that you could probably get away with it a few times but I would strongly recommend specialist cleaning if it is to last.