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Emerald & Brass Mother Of Dragons Jacket

A Jacket To Make Even The Khaleesi Jealous

The combination of military styling, rich fabric and dragon scale detail that make up this jacket make me think of everyone’s favourite Khaleesi. I like to think it might be something the “Mother Of Dragons” would wear as she descends upon King’s Landing!

This tailored design features a classic nipped in waist and flared hip silhouette with a flowing tailcoat cut; shorter in the front and longer in the back. In contrast to the brown and gold damask of the main body, shimmery taffeta shows through in a contrasting pleat extending down from the back waist. The taffeta is also used for the lining, the combination collar/button-stand, the fold-back cuffs and “armour plate” detail on the upper arms.

The cuffs and arm pieces have a fine dragon scale effect sewn onto the fabric in metallic brassy/coppery coloured thread. Each scale was stitched individually to follow the shape of the piece of fabric and create a convincing scale effect. The four lames on the upper arms are separate, overlapping sections with have been stiffened slightly to add to the military/armoured look & feel of the shoulders.

The centre front has 20 genuine brass press-studs with an antiqued finish. Every second press-stud has a length of brown velvet ribbon with an aluminium (finished to look like antique brass) loop buckle for opening and closing the jacket. You can do up all, none, or any other combination of the 4 buckles to get the look you want. The other press-studs are simply decorative. This section is part of the collar, which is built up higher around the neck and shoulders and tapers to a slight point at the back.

A deep emerald velvet ribbon is set into the centre back waist to accentuate the line of the tailcoat flare. The main panels of the body and sleeves have a very thin metallic cord hand-stitched along the seams.


Outer Fabric - Main: Cotton-blend damask in brown and gold. Collar & cuffs: 100% crushed nylon taffeta in a shot emerald/gold-green.

Lining (fully lined): 100% crushed nylon taffeta in a shot emerald/gold-green.


The jacket has finished measurements of 105cm around the bust and 73.5cm at the waist. It flares out significantly from the waist and so is basically free-sized around the hips.

Washing / Garment care

Please note that this is not the type of garment you will be able to just throw in the washing machine. I would strongly recommend specialist cleaning if it is to last.