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Medieval Forest Maiden Dress

A Magical And Earthy Dress Of Yore

This floor-length dress is a fairly simple design which allows you to alter the exact shape and fit by adjusting the lacing.

The main body of the dress is made from a rich, leaf patterned woven damask in deep, foresty green. The contrasting centre front & back panels feature a row of 6 lacing loops, made of soft velvet ribbon. The lacing on the front starts at the bust line and extends to about hip level, while the lacing on the back starts slightly higher up allowing you to adjust the fit across the shoulders and back. Lacing ribbon is thin (6mm) satin ribbon in a slightly coppery brown colour, to match the inside of the sleeves and hood. The extra fabric will fold & gather to hang down into the full hem as you tighten the lacing.

The front has a slight V-neck, trimmed with several rows of metallic copper stitching. This detail is replicated on the back neck as well. Coming off the neckline is an oversized, pointy hood which extends over the shoulders when worn down to reveal the copper coloured metallic lining. The hood has a curved shape which makes for a unique silhouette both when worn up and when it is left folded down at the back.

The upper part of the sleeves are fitted to just above the elbow and made from the same contrasting calico fabric as the centre body panels. There are five rows of metallic stitching, matching the neckline, just above the elbow. The lower part of the sleeves are cut to be quite long (about knee length) at the back, coming up over the hand at the front and flaring out all the way around. This section of the sleeve is lined with the same copper lamé as the hood so others will catch glimpses of metallic richness as you move your arms. ### Construction

Outer Fabric: Main (side panels, lower sleeves, outer hood) - 100% acrylic leaf pattern damask in dark green. Contrast Panels (centre front & back, upper sleeves) – 100% unbleached cotton calico in cream.

Lining (fully lined, loose at the hem): Main – 100% viscose in cream. Hood & Lower Sleeves – Synthetic & cotton blend metallic copper lamé.


This dress was custom sized for the client. If you have any questions at all about sizing please feel free to ask!

Washing / Garment care

This garment may be washed on a cool (30 °C), delicate washing machine cycle.