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Purple Taffeta Circuit Board Corset

A Rich Amalgam Of Victorian Lines And Digital Detail

The outside of this corset features an intricate circuit board pattern which was hand-worked onto the crushed taffeta base.

The lines of the circuit are stitched with Mettler silver metallic thread. Each individual via (the end point on each line) is made with a silver coloured metal stud and the finished pattern features almost 500 of them. Each panel of the corset shows a different part of the board, so each one is different. The circuit pattern comes from the PCB for a theremin.

The centre front of the corset closes with a 5 clasp steel busk and the 10 silver channels on the outside of the corset contain 7mm wide flexible steel boning. The lining has another 10 pieces of 7mm wide Rigilene sewn into it for extra shaping and support, as well as two pieces of 12mm Rigilene on the centre back lacing line. Both the outer taffeta and the brocade lining have been fused with heavy-weight woven Vilene for extra strength.

32 silver eyelets (16 a side) lace up with a narrow black velvet ribbon at the centre back. The dramatically longer back creates an elegant curve from under the bust at the front up to the shoulder blades at the back.


Outer Fabric - Main: 100% crushed nylon taffeta in deep purple shot with black. Any apparent colour variations in the pictures are from the tricky task of photographing shot fabric, the true colour is the same deep purple everywhere.

Trim: 100% crushed nylon taffeta in silver shot with black.

Lining (fully lined): 100% acrylic jacquard/brocade in black with a paisley pattern.


When fully closed with no gap at the back lacing, the corset has a waist measurement of 63.2cm (about 25”). The person in the photographs has a natural waist of 70cm (about 27.5”) and as you can see the corset closes fully. Ideally you would like a fully closed corset to be about 7-10cm/3-4” smaller than your natural waist. If you have any questions at all about sizing please feel free to ask!

A note on lacing

Although this is a well-constructed item and will provide noticeable waist compression it was not designed with extreme tight-lacing or prolonged waist-training in mind!

Washing / Garment care

As I’m sure will be obvious, this is not the type of garment you will be able to just throw in the washing machine and specialist cleaning will be required to look after it in the long run.