Sebastian Wilde

Hand crafted coats, jackets & corsets

How the process works

Most of what you see on the site and in my Etsy store are items that I made off the top of my head. I think of a design, or I find a fabric that I love, and it inspires me to sew up a piece of clothing. I usually make this item in a medium sort of size, similar to my own, and then post it for sale on Etsy. If you love that item and the size is right, you can buy it straight away, and have it shipped to you the very next day!

However it is more common that someone sees that original item and wants it re-made in their own size, or in a different colour or fabric. This is how most projects start, and I will work closely with you to make it according to your own measurements and discuss any design changes you might want. No two garments will ever be exactly the same, even if the starting design is the same, and that’s half the fun.

I’m also happy for you to come to me with an idea for something you’ve always wanted, but never been able to find. Sounds cheesy, but I love helping dreams come alive in this way! I’m also open to costuming and cosplay requests, I’m really happy to make anything that someone feels passionately about.

About me

Sebastian Wilde is just one person, a girl who loves to make clothes that make every day feel like dressing-up day! I personally create the designs, make the patterns and sew the garments so that the final result is a one off piece that has had a lot of time and love put into it.

I've always been a maker of things. I love the physical process of creating - be it sewing, building things out of wood or steel, baking cupcakes or plating a garden.

I started teaching myself to sew when I was about 13 because I thought all the clothes available in the shops were really boring and I wanted to be able to wear anything I could imagine - and the only way to do that was to make it for myself. My Mum had an old sewing machine she didn't use, so I claimed it, and by a long process of trial and error, and with much patience from my grand-mother who helped me learn, I started creating my own wardrobe.

I eventually went on to study fashion design formally, I spent three years studying at LISOF in Johannesburg. This is where I really learned the technical skills of pattern-making and sewing that have allowed me to go from just stitching-up clothing for my teenage self, to making a full-time business of creating items that are both unique and well crafted.

I don't think of my clothes as "fashion" really, I think of them more as costumes for every-day life. I'm not interested in making garments that are trendy for a season and then will never be worn again. I'm interested in passion projects, that thing that you've always dreamed of and never seen realized, that if you got it made you'd wear it for years, until either you or it fell to pieces. That's what I want to make for you :-)